Skin Aging

The skin ages for a number of reasons. It will naturally age with increasing loss of flexibility and ageing as collagen and elastin within the epidermis slowly cross-links and become less elastic.


To a degree this is part of the genetic inheritance present within all of us, since do not seem to age at the same rate, nor share identical lifestyles.


Our skin reflects our lifestyle over the years. The aging processes do not ever stop, but correct and focused care can cause our skin to look vital, taught and energetic also late in life. The signs of aging in the skin are evident in a number of ways: wrinkles, liver spots, and dryness, lack of suppleness, uneven texture and decrease in the thickness of the skin.


Dr. Dabour’s Laboratories anti-aging products prevent the accelerated aging processes and the appearance of wrinkles, give a uniform appearance and improve firmness and moisture content. In the development of this group of products, modern active ingredients are combined with those based on the traditions of the women of Galilee, protecting the skins’ cells from oxidation damage, sun rays, liver spots and other environmental damages.


The anti-aging products act to protect freshness, vitality and a youthful appearance of the skin at all ages. Some of these preparations were studied in hospitals and were found to be effective against wrinkles, pigmentation changes, swelling and blemishes.


Dr. Dabour’s Laboratories contain, in most of the products, a combination of Nano spheres, Liposomes and natural extract from olive leaves – an evergreen plant that lives for hundreds of years, possessing well known qualities against the aging of skin and environmental damages.


Plants oils such olive oil is used to form a protective emollient layer that reduces trans-epidermal water loss and so increase the hydration of the horny layer.


This not only forms a lubricious layer of fatty acids on the skin but also increases the “plumping” of the tissue, so contributing to a smoothing of the wrinkles.


The presence of reactive free radicals can be ‘stopped’ by the use of antioxidants and free-radical scavengers like carrot seed oil, thyme, rosemary, and sage.


In addition, Dr. Dabour’s Laboratories combine an exclusive extract from orchids that reinforces the skin’s functions. These two components excel in their ability to counter free radicals and accelerated aging processes.

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