How to beat, dermatitis, eczema and itchy skin

It is well known that in many of cosmetics, shampoos and soaps we can find bad ingredients like parabens, SLS and sulphates. These ingredients can cause severe irritation to the skin include eczema, atopic dermatitis, hair loss and itchy dry skin. 

For beating such skin problems I suggest using:

  • Use shampoo and soaps without these ingredients: Be aware to the ingredients list on the labels.
  • Go away from products that contain SLS, any kind of Sulphates and dangerous ingredients in it, you have to look at your shampoos, conditioners, hand soaps, and shower gels, moisturizers. Anything and everything that comes into contact with your skin should be safe and healthy. In our tradition we try not to put on our skin what we couldn’t eat.
  • Use moisturizers with natural ingredients: Olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and pure hydrosols.
  • You have to use a lot of moisture but just be sure that it includes natural and non-irritating moisturizers. By using these products you can avoid skin irritation and blocking skin pores. Hydrosols and natural oils are rich in fatty acids, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.
  • Fatty acids and essential fatty acids can reduce inflammation and relieve dryness, and can also help to heal eczema.  Antioxidants might also be good for skin problems. This is because antioxidants can improve the skin’s texture, collagen production, protect from free radicals and help with essential fatty acid metabolism.
  • You also have to be aware about your diet and washing detergents.
  • Finally before you decide on purchasing our products, you should be aware of the following important information about dangerous ingredients in cosmetics, soaps and shampoos. Beside SLS, Sulphates and Parabens you can find other non-healthy ingredients on the label of daily-use products.
  • It’s known that formaldehyde and 1, 4 dioxane are animal carcinogens, and formaldehyde has been classified a known human carcinogen by the US National Toxicology Program. Certain products such as phthalates, parabens and triclosan are suspected of disrupting the endocrine system and causing a wide range of health problems including, birth defects, diabetes, obesity, and breast cancer.

Products to use:

  1. Pure Hydrosol of flowers and herbs.
  2. Shampoo without SLS, Sulphates and parabens.
  3. Soap bar for problematic skin.
  4. Moisturizer cream from healthy natural ingredients.
  5. For extra dry skin you should add natural skin butter.

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