Silky texture, natural aromatic essences for relaxing body and soul Gentle massage oil made from natural aromatic essences, suitable for massaging the body or adding to bath water. Enriched with moisturizer, nourishes giving a profound feeling of relaxation and tranquility to the body and soul.
Hand Cream is rich in natural extracts, easily absorbed and provides immediate moisture, without leaving an oily feeling on the skin. *Does not contain alcohol *Does not contain paraben or preservatives *Does not contain mineral oils *Does not contain synthetic ingredients.
Foot cream is enriched with natural herbal extracts. Prevents cracking, softens the skin, easily absorbed without leaving an oily film.
Relaxing & Luxurious  Gentle body oil for the protection and care of supple, silky skin. Moisturizes, nourishes, relaxes, soothes and provides a calm and relaxing feeling to the body and soul.