Man’s Grooming

Men’s facial skin is exposed to environmental damages and aging just like feminine skin. However its different texture due the growth of facial hair, male hormones and the effects of frequent shaving require designated grooming products suitably adapted for the treatment and care of male skin.
Dr. Dabour’s line of men’s facial grooming products answers the need to provide quality products designed to treat and pamper men’s facial skin suffering from the irritation, dryness and roughness of frequent shaving. These especially adapted products focus on preparing the skin for a smoother, closer shave that lessens dryness and irritation, followed by a moisturizing and refreshing aftershave cream for long lasting comfort. Dr. Dabour male grooming products are perfumed with a gentle masculine scent.
This product line is complemented by quality body care products all based on natural ingredients and essential oils to moisturize, nourish and refresh men’s bodies.

Man's Grooming